Trekking Checklist (What to bring from home)

 Trekking checklist

  • Read the itinerary (trip plan) of your trek
  • Carry four [4] passport photos
  • Trekking/Climbing Gears
  • Money for entry visa to pay in immigration at Airport on arrival (you can pay in other currencies)

What to bring from home?

Don’t forget to recheck the stuffs which you have to bring from home. Be always away from trouble. Below are the essential stuffs to be carried:

  • Good boots which have good ankle support, plenty of toe room for long descents, a stiff sole to lessen twisting torsion, and light are recommended.
  • Socks, thick trekking socks are better for higher up and cool evenings.
  • Camp shoes, t the end of the day your feet needs some air, so bring some sandals or running shoes.
  • Rain jacket, Waterproof and breathable is required.
  • Thermal, Thermal bottom, Day wear shirt
  • Sun screen and Sunglasses; The sun is strong at altitude, especially after snow.
  • Mittens/Gloves
  • Toiletries and odds and ends
  • Small towel/sarong
  • Camera
  • Money pouch/belt
  • Water purification
  • Vitamin tablets

What should wear in Himalayas?

Referring to the grade of trekking and elevation of the area on both trips, there is not remarkable necessity of any special equipment however, it is necessary to have enough warm and strong cloths to sustain the Sub-Zero level of Temperature and high wind. A good pair of walking shoes is required for the entire trek whereas quality boot may be necessary to keep warmth of your feet at height altitude. For your reference, we have the recommendation as follows.